I love R. W. Emerson’s definition of art: “Art is nature in combination with the will of man”.
Until my will is reabsorbed into the Greater Nature, I shall always be a Student of Nature.

Great art, they say, in whatever form it comes – music, photography, sculpting, writing – leaves an impression on the observer.
I experience this impression from the works of the individuals, and groups of individuals, who I have chosen as mentors: those who teach me about the nature of Nature and who through their art have expressed various representations of Nature. I aspire to be like my mentors.

I took a long break from releasing my art into the Greater Consciousness in order to study Nature without Noise from the same Greater Consciousness. I am back again, not because I feel adept in Nature and everything of Nature (the Natural – of which art is included? being of Nature, only expressed through the will of man?,) or that I will release any work of art, but because I have come to realize that the study of Nature and the creation of art are as infinite as Nature itself, but is also very fulfilling to me as a transient being. And I am glad to take the I Am that I will be as a result of my studies, when the time of re-absorption comes, my nature and my art, with me back into the Greater Nature.

For now my art includes poetry, short stories, fiction, and essays.

Ikenna Okoro, Student of Nature

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