Just So You Know (Kiss Goodbye)

Kiss Goodbye

Hand in hand we always walked.
All through the night we always talked.
But I knew deep in my heart,
This love ended right from the start.

Maybe I should have given you a kiss goodbye.
But I did not want to wait to answer why.
And I couldn’t bear to watch you cry.
Leaving you is the biggest blunder I’ll ever try.

Maybe you would have loved a kiss goodbye.
One last romantic eye-to-eye,
a moist cure for your broken heart,
and a reason to accept being apart.

So let these words be the perfect kiss goodbye.
My ink and paper may not say the reason why.
But my dear, though I always loved you,
breaking up has always been the best to do.

Poem’s background – Just So You Know (Kiss Goodbye)

Image from: forums.photographyreview.com

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